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We are looking for 40 Form 4 students from all types of racial, geographical, economic and religious backgrounds. Our pool of selected participants will have a wide and diverse spectrum of Malaysians.

We highly encourage students with one or more of the following traits to apply for the course:

  • Not afraid to voice their opinions in lessons and group settings
  • Comfortable with interacting with different groups of peers or new friends
  • Involved and engaged in their school community, either through responsibilities like being a class president or through extracurricular activities
  • Involvement with activities outside school such as helping their family make ends meet, neighbourhood, religious or volunteering organizations
  • Possess an interesting and/or challenging life story, experience or upbringing

The cost of the course is entirely free. Food, accommodation and transport to and from KL Sentral to the venue are covered for all selected participants. Travel stipends are available for those of need.

The deadline for applications is on 10 April 2018. 


All you need to do is fill up an application form that involves answering a few short essays about yourself. We are interested to know you! 

This application can be done in either English or Bahasa Malaysia. Choosing one or another will not impact your application. Apply in whichever language you feel most comfortable in!

You can apply to UWC Short Course 2018 through one of two ways: 

A) Online Google Form
You may submit your application online via THIS GOOGLE FORM. You will receive confirmation of your application by email 2-3 days after submission. Note: You would still need to send a signed parental approval form separately. This can be done by email ( or by Whatsapp (+6012-6134504). 

B) PDF Application Form
The application form can be downloaded HERE. Submit your application by email ( or through Whatsapp at +60126134504. Scans and photos are accepted. (Note: photos with smartphones or cameras should be clear and readable.) Please fill this up with LEGIBLE handwriting.

**NOTE**: On acceptance, you are required to pay RM400 as a security deposit for your attendance. Details will be given in the acceptance email. If you are unable to front the cost of the security deposit, we are able to waive it upon consideration - reach out to us if it is a concern. 

Any inquiries or problems with regards to your application can be forwarded to