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About the Malaysian National Committee


The UWC Malaysia National Committee consists of UWC alumni, all of whom are volunteers committed to fulfilling the UWC vision through action and personal example.

Chairman : Mazlan Omar (UWC AC 1976). Member since 2007
Member : Deborah Mazlan (UWC AC 1976). Member since 2007
Member : B K Lau (UWC SEA 1989). Member since 2007
Member : Lucy Kow (UWC AC 1986). Member since 2007
Member : Adriana Nordin Manan (UWC USA). Member since 2017

Our primary responsibility is to select empowered Malaysian youths to the United World Colleges each year.

We work to improve and expand selection, fundraising and promotion, as well as to involve the graduate network as much as possible. From time to time we also organize reunions and gatherings for Malaysian UWC scholars and graduates.

The UWC Malaysia National Committee solely relies on volunteer participation. Funding for the selection process, ceremonies and scholarships are entirely dependent on generous contributions from individuals and organizations alike.

The United World College movement in Malaysia started when the first batch of Malaysian students went to the United World College of the Atlantic, the founding college based in Wales, the UK, in the late 1960’s. The significant period of development took place the Malaysian in the 1970’s when the Malaysian government sponsored many scholars to UWC.

The inception of the Malaysian National Committee really took root in the early 1990’s thanks to the tireless efforts from committed Malaysian alumni in collaboration with the UWC International Office in London. The late Tan Sri Dr Awang Had Salleh was our first Chairman of the National Committee. He enlisted other well-respected elder statesmen such as Tan Sri Dato’ Mohamad Khir Johari and Tan Sri Ghazali Mohd Seth. Tan Sri Awang was instrumental in the formation of the United World College Alumni Association, Kuala Lumpur, which was registered in February 2000. Three members of the first Alumni Association Committee and Selection Committee are current serving members of the present Malaysian National Committee.

The National Committee has enabled hundreds of Malaysians including many from disadvantaged backgrounds, to benefit from this transformative pre-university programme. Amongst UWC alumni across the globe we count presidents, astronauts, doctors, writers, politicians, film directors, aid workers and lawyers, amongst many other professions. (Ref: “Impact”).