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If you're an alumnus from United World Colleges that is currently residing in Malaysia or would like to get in touch with the Malaysian Alumni community, please join us on our Facebook group or shoot Adriana Manan an email.

The Malaysian UWC Alumni Association is registered under the Registrar of Societies (ROS) and holds annual meetings in the Klang Valley area. 

Executive Committee 2017-2018: 

  1. President: Adriana Nordin Manan
  2. Vice President: Ng Sin Seanne
  3. Secretary: Roshan Kanesan
  4. Asst. Secretary: Johan Mohtarudin
  5. Treasurer: Nehemiah Moses Thavithu
  6. Committee Member 1: Jason Wee
  7. Committee Member 2: Teoh Jia Ying