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Welcome Jia Her to the National Committee!

21 November 2019

The Malaysian UWC National Committee welcomes Teoh Jia Her as its newest member!


Teoh Jia Her is a 2014 graduate of United World College of the Atlantic.

Post UWC, Jia Her took a year off and moved to Penang to work with Think City (an urban rejuvenation firm) in preserving the tangible and intangible heritage of the World Heritage site. After which, he enrolled in Minerva Schools at KGI as a member of the inaugural class. As part of the undergraduate program, Jia Her lived in 6 different countries and graduated with a double major in Computer Science and Business.

Jia Her is currently a data engineer at Neuron Mobility where he works at the intersection of urbanism and data. It follows a decision making pattern of taking calculated risks and uncertain paths to challenge himself academically, professionally, and personally.

Having recently graduated, Jia Her returns with a desire to shape a movement that continues to have a significant impact on the person he is today.