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Welcome Johan and Sophia to the National Committee!

29 September 2019

The UWC National Committee of Malaysia is proud to welcome two new members this year. Read on to learn more about Johan and Sophia!


Johan graduated from UWC Costa Rica in 2012.

He then attended Bates College, Maine, USA to study Philosophy and the Classics. While in college Johan got involved in the dance scene and picked up competitive ballroom dancing as a hobby. Upon graduating, he returned to Malaysia to start a career in HR.

After experiencing several HR portfolios and in part due to sheer curiosity, Johan has since transitioned out of HR and is now working in the tech space.

Johan is passionate about running, dancing, food and all things cat related. On a professional level he is driven to understand people and to help them solve their problems.

As an alumni Johan is eager to contribute to the UWC movement. He believes that his UWC experience has been a great positive influence in his personal development and now hopes to give back to the community.


Sophia graduated from the Li Po Chun United World College in 2013.

Post UWC, Sophia attended Duke University in North Carolina, USA, and graduated with a major in Public Policy Studies and a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. At Duke, Sophia, was also the President of the International Association.

Upon graduating, Sophia returned to Malaysia and worked for Khazanah Nasional (Malaysia's sovereign wealth fund) in the Strategic Management Unit, to integrate responsible and sustainable investment practices into the Fund's investment processes.

After almost 2 years at Khazanah Nasional, Sophia transitioned into her current role as the co-founder and General Manager at Pinkcollar Employment Agency, a social business cum ethical recruitment agency for migrant domestic workers coming into Malaysia. Sophia’s work today builds upon many years of interest and engagement in anti-trafficking, domestic violence prevention and women's rights efforts.

Sophia truly believes that she would not be on the path she is on today had UWC not planted the seeds of idealism in her. Sophia also derives a deep and sincere joy in sharing her experiences/being a mentor figure/imparting her insights to potential/current UWC students, having experienced the power and strength of mentors in all shapes and forms from the UWC community herself. Sophia, as member of the Malaysian National Committee, is committed to carrying this spirit in her actions and undertakings.